steal heart

my playlist. Nick Hayward

car radio, 21 pilots.

there is a part in the beginning where it is describing how some people have gained powers but when they did they lost their humanity. In this song he describes how he looses something and how it affects him.

titanium, David Guetta

In a scene where david is in a bank his father gets killed by one of the most powerful epics there is steelheart himself. But steelheart bleeds for the first time by his fathers gun. Steelheart is invincible though and david is the only one who sees it happen. In the titanium song she is "invincible".

Boulevard of broken dreams, Green Day

After Daves first meeting with the rebels against the epics he doesnt know if he will be accepted or not. So he could be back to square one and be all by himself to avenge his father.

cinderella man, Eminem

In the fight against steelheart at the end there is a lot of things going on so an upbeat song like this would be perfect.