September 11th 2001

What 9/11 Is Really About

Acrostic Poem





Entry City



Ever Lasting

Rough Time

Extra Help

Learning that theres bad people


Very Sad


Never Forgot



Collage of 9/11

Free Verse Poem

The feeling i have

of wondering

what happened

is very strong

The things i hear

are very depressing

why O why

did this happen

I see the people

of this country

cry and for what?

the U.S not having peace

thats why

I look at the people

and there shaking as

if they have been stung

by a thousand bees.

Why O why

does the world not have peace

these are the words in my head.

Personal Narrative

On the day of September 11th 2001 my family and i were in New York at our family beach house. I was with my mom and dad, we were having a family BBQ. We were outside enjoying the weather and just relaxing. Then I walked in to get something and I remember that the T.V was on and while I was walking by I saw on the T.V that 2 planes had hit the World Trade Center. So I ran and told my parents, they ran in to see what had happen.My Mother Fell into the couch. I saw the look on my fathers face, it was a look that i had never seen before.Everyone was silent.

We all watch and follow with whats happening. I knew something was wrong because the room was silent as if someone had died. I asked what was going on but my parents told me I was too young to understand.My mom started to cry so I broke out crying too. My dad came and hugged both of us. Even though I had no idea what was going on I still had that feeling that something was wrong. There were so many questions going threw my head but there was one question that stood out, Why was this happening.

We watched the news for the rest of the day. We weren't able to eat or sleep. Neighbors would check up on people and give people them comfort because everyone was shocked of what had happen. The rest of the night I was scared because no one knew what would happen next.