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Los 12 emprendedores más influyentes del mundo

Taringa | 2012

Pues sí, de fotografía va hoy la cosa. Comenzamos con

la fotografía de arriba, que es la más antigua conservada

hasta el momento. Se trata de una toma realizada en 1827

con una cámara oscura por Joseph Niépce, inventorfrancés

que vivió entre los años 1765 y 1833. Read more

Your Approach to Mistakes Defines Your Success

Penelope Trunk |Penelope Trunk Blog | 22 April, 2013

This blog post looks at entrepreneurship through the lens

of farming – specifically one man’s plight to find a way to

make it economical to produce pigs without farrowing crates.

Every entrepreneur wants to give up, at one point or another,

when things go bad in the business. There are lots of ways to

get past that moment. Read more

A presidential pat for young scientists

Ashley Southall | New York Times | 22nd April 2013

Praising the work of young scientists and inventors at

the third White House Science Fair, President Obama on

Monday announced a broad plan to create and expand

federal and private-sector initiatives designed to encourage

children to stud. Read more

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The Diplomat is the premier international current-affairs

magazine for the Asia-Pacific region. It has been dedicated

to quality analysis and commentary on events occurring in

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