Paris, France

Romance, art, festivals, the Eiffel Tower, all inside Paris!

France's Menu!

France's favorite traditional foods and drinks are something you should have an idea of if you ever visit France. Their mealtimes are the same as ours, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but before you do anything else wouldn't you want to start the day off with a nice breakfast? In France most people just start with simple bread and milk. Then at lunch you would probably see people just eating salads, or sandwiches. People also favor the baguette, a french bread. Finally at dinner, most people would most likely eat pasta. For drinks during celebrations like festivals people would probably drink wine. So visit France for delicious traditional french food!

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The Glories of French Culture and Art!

France is known for such great museums and celebrates a lot of festivals. The Louvre Museum is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Paris. Has over 1 million art works like the Mona Lisa. Bastille Day is a celebration of their Independence. During the Bastille Day celebration there are lots of fireworks and parades. They also celebrate New Year's Day, Easter Day, Christmas and other holidays. So France also celebrates most of the same holidays as we do.

France's Tourism Adventures!

There are many fun things you can do in Paris that you may do here! Like going to the park. At the park you could jog and exercise, and after that if you want to relax a little in a peaceful place then go ahead to the Luxembourg Gardens. The Tour de France is something you could visit also, it is a bike race.

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France's Structure!

There are really cool historical sites in Paris that are worth the visit. One of them you probably already know is the 300 meter tall Eiffel Tower also known as "The Iron Lady" means a lot to the3 Parisians. Let's jump to history for a few seconds! Gustave Eiffel was the person that constructed the Eiffel Tower, also was the one that constructed the Statue of Liberty. Paris also has a lot of parks and gardens like the Luxembourg gardens. You should really visit these cool places while you have the chance!

The Language French

Almost everyone in France understand and speak French. Don't think that France is the only country that knows French, some other countries that speak French too are Belgium, Canada, Guiana and more! other cool things about French is that it shares the same roots as Spanish, Italian, Romania, and Porteguese! Your school probably teaches Spanish but French is also the 2nd most taught language at school, and just like Paris is known as the city of romance , French is the language of romance. So France is not the only place where French is spoken, other countries speak it too.

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A Taste of the Weather!

There are good times you can go to Paris or bad times. Their weather varies just like ours. If you really want to have a good time, visit during the springtime! Do not expect it to get too cold in the winter it just gets chilly and hangs around freezing point. The coldest yemperature is in December, maximum 45°F and minimum 36°F. Hottest temperature is arpind July and August, maximum 75°F minimum 57°F. In Paris although have unexpected rain showers. So there are different weather changes in Paris that sometimes you might not expect!


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