Marilyn Monroe's Death Scandal

Suicide or Murder?

Who, What, Why, When, and Where?

Marilyn Monroe was in American sex symbol in her days. She was a singer, actress, and model struggling to be respected as a serious person in media not just a beautiful woman. On August 5, 1962 Marilyn Monroe's dead body was found naked , surrounded by anti-depressants in her house in Los Angeles. It is claimed she was found with a phone in her hand as she lied on her bed. According to the Los Angeles Police Department Marilyn death was self inflicted they stated, " Caused by a self-administrated overdose of sedative drugs and that the mode of death is probable suicide"(History, 2009, para 1). She had suffered from depression for a while before her death but it didn't seem to be at the level of suicide.

Perspective #1 Media Portrayed Event

Quickly after Monroe's death was brought to light controversy about how she died started among media. Although the Los Angeles Police had stated that she had committed suicide many fans disagreed and refused to believe it. Many sources began to bring up the Kennedy's name into the scandal. They began to question the Kennedy's relationships with Monroe. It was brought to the public's eyes that there had been a suppose affair between Monroe and the Kennedy brothers. The people began to question if the Kennedy brothers had involvement in Monroe's death. They began to question if they had gotten her killed in order to keep their dirty secrets from coming out public. There was never any proof convicting any of the brothers for her death but way after Monroe's death her maid, Eunice Murray, supposedly confessed that Robert Kennedy had been in Monroe's house the day of her death. This statement was never verified and she wasn't a reliable source according to the police.

Perspective #2 Media Portrayed Event

Although many people believed that Monroe had been murdered, many others also stuck to the facts which stated that Monroe had lived a harsh childhood in foster care. She was sexually harassed throughout many of her childhood years which could have been the reason her depression arose. At the time of her death she had been currently seeing a therapist for her depression. Her therapist although he claimed she wasn't as depressed as prior times she had been struggling to find real love since all her prior marriages had failed. He also stated that she wasn't happy with her public image, she wanted to be taken seriously by other actors and directors in Hollywood. All these negative thoughts could have been the things that pushed her over the edge and led her to killing herself.
The Death Of Marilyn Monroe - Conspiracy Theories. August 4th 1962

Media Bias Explained

After reading and watching many controversial articles and videos I believe that the media was right in questioning the Kennedy brothers involvement in Monroe's death. I don't believe Monroe killed herself. She had to much to live for she was an uprising star who's fame was growing. The way she died was suspicious in my opinion, like if she was trying to kill herself why would she have the phone in her hand. According to sources her therapist had said that Monroe was looking forward to the upcoming Grammys. People who are think about the future and are excited about it don't kill themselves. I believe that the Kennedy brothers killed Monroe and if they didn't do it personally I think that they paid to get her killed so their secrets could be safe.

Criticism #1: Feminist Criticism

Feminist Criticism played a big part in Monroe's depression that ultimately could have led to her death. She was seen as less in the celebrity world because she was a female and during these times there wasn't many big roles for females. Actors looked down on actresses. During this time period women played small roles that often were demeaning. Monroe often had roles that made her seem like a dumb and sexy woman. She was cast for her seductive looks and was portrayed just like that in the roles she filled. Monroe was frustrated and wanted to be taken seriously and wanted to fill a big role that didn't just highlight her looks but more of her internal side and her intelligence. This played a part in her depression at the time.

Criticism #2: Historical Criticism

During the years leading up to Monroe death affairs were greatly frowned upon as well as sleeping around. Monroe was known for sleeping around and being very sexual, which caused many people to frown upon her appearance and behavior. Historical Criticism played a part in Monroe's death because the fear of the affairs being know to the public at this time could have pushed the Kennedy brothers to murder Monroe. If affairs weren't made out to be so dishonorable at the time it could have stopped the Kennedy's actions and stopped Monroe's death.