September 2018

Northshore Christian Academy's Early Learning Center


Welcome to our new families and to our returning families to a brand new school year! As we settle into our classrooms, use this newsletter to keep you updated on events, keep you informed on policies, and remember to look for pictures of your little one’s class!

A Peek at Our Curriculum...

Bible…Pre-K classes use the Jesus Storybook Bible; Preschool classes use the Read & Learn Bible; the Two’s classes use The Beginners Bible and the One’s class uses The First Step Bible and The Beginners Bible for Toddlers to teach God’s Word. Weekly Bible verses are taught and character qualities are addressed at Chapel each week.

Math…Pre-K uses Every Day in Pre-K Math and builds upon the Math Their Way program started in Preschool. These are highly effective programs that teach sorting, classification, pattern extension, prediction, measurement and more! Our Toddler classes incorporates math concepts in art and movement activities.

Phonics/Language…We immerse our students in language and poetry every day to help them develop a rich vocabulary. Pre-K and Preschool classes use Moncure letter books; Pre-K use Alpha Tales; and Preschool use Alphabet Stories (puppets and word stories) to teach letter and sound recognition.

Handwriting…(Pre-K only) Handwriting Without Tears is an exciting, research-based program that uses a wide variety of kinesthetic materials to help children learn to form upper case letters and numbers.

Science…We introduce children to the amazing world that our God created through stories, art, and hands-on activities.

Art…Art experiences are many and varied to encourage children to explore both self-directed and teacher directed projects.

Social Studies…Our themes help children explore the world around them, creating rich experiences and introductions to the world beyond their own front door.

September Chapel Focus: Lovers of God

¨ Honor God by showing respect

¨ Participate in prayer and worship

¨ Weekly Stories: Jesus, Abraham, David


Keep Clipping!

This is a perfect opportunity to remind you, your friends and your family members to “Keep Clipping”. NCA has benefited in many ways from our BoxTops for Education programs. Just a reminder to keep clipping!


  • Due to our policy about no glass in classrooms, we cannot have glass lunch containers. If you would like to use reusable items; please consider plastic or stainless steel instead.
  • Please check... your student files each day for arts/crafts, daily sheets and important updates.
  • The Weather is changing...

    Please remember to bring a change of clothes to keep in the classroom and a jacket, even if it looks warm in the morning. Sometimes the weather changes quickly and we still go outside.

  • Going Somewhere?

    To redeem vacation credit, remember that you need to submit the request before you take the time off. You will not receive the credit until after your vacation.

    To find out how much vacation credit you qualify for or how much you have used, just ask Melissa.

Estimated Time-Outs

Parents, please give an accurate time out for your child on the sign in and out sheet. Our staffing is based on what time you write.

Dorian Photos

If you did not turn in a picture packet, you may order online using the information below.

If you missed picture day or would like to have retakes, all grade level retake day is November 14th.

Pre-K Field Trip dates

PK-C Asha's class: 10/16

PK-D Megan's class: 10/18

PK-E Angela's class: 10/23

Early Learning Center Contact Information

Office Hours: 8:00 am—4:30 pm

Director: Sarah DuCette

Phone: (425) 322-2396

Administrative Assistant: Melissa Mackin

Phone: (425)322-2390

ELC Curriculum Coordinator: Mary Hodge