the super images

by jeremy super hunter wilcox

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The Best Pie

The best pie

The best pie is apple pie.It is made of real apples. made by ^

The box

The cat is in the box. The dog is in the box with the cat.The fox is in the box with the cat and the dog.The ox is in the box with the cat,dog,and the fox.But the owl has it's own box.THE owl has toys in it's box.It has food and water in it's box.
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THE red eyed dragon

The red eyed dragon is the dragon with the red eyes the most terrifying dragon in the world.It can breath fire and smoke.It is very dangerous.You can not take the spell dragon stone to take it back to the owner. THE END!!! by Jeremy WILcox

minecraft ore

When you play Minecraft you can find ore.Dimend ore is the best.iron ore is very cool.