Obafunso B. Gaidi

Student/ Jewelry Maker/ Aspiring Bio-medical Engineer

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future bio

Obafunso Gaidi is a biomedical engineer with a lot of free time on his hands. He did save the world from the energy crisis by discovering humans natural ability to harness electricity. He also did a bunch of humanitarian work that adressed political issues around the world. For that divine beings made of light came down and gifted him with a sword made of sun light. For my humanitarian work he was recognized around the world; some people gave him the title of king of the world. He was so well liked around the world that he was chosen to be an ambassador for earth. He also have 4 children with a wonderful wife.

Prior too this he was a young man doing humanitarian work. Oba started doing humanitarian work locally. He also volunteered to for food drives and, cleaning the neighborhood up.

He enjoys doing this work because he loves helping people. If he haven't took up this job he would never met my wife, had my kids, or formed these great experiences. He not only formed great experiences for himself, but also for the people he's helping.

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