Tips on paying for your future

Brittani & Logan


There are many choices of colleges to choose from. Try and find the one best for you!

What to look for in a college.

  • Location
  • Cost
  • Distance
  • Programs
  • Friendliness
  • Scholarships

Ways to pay for college!

  1. Apply for financial aid
  2. Apply for national grants
  3. Apply for local scholarships
  4. Bargain with the college
  5. Find official benefactor
  6. Look Abroad
  7. Live at home
  8. Ask guidance counselor

How to pay for College

Tips for College

  • Apply to colleges your interested in
  • Be aware of scholarship opportunities
  • Don't just apply to one college, have a back up college
  • Don't follow your friends
  • Think about what you want to major in and find a college that offers that major
  • Take your ACT/SAT as much as you can or want to achieve a higher score

What kind of colleges are their?

There are different types of colleges


Private colleges

Community college

Vocational-Technical Centers

Activities at college!

  • Sports
    Football, soccer, volleyball, track, baseball, softball, basketball, rugby
  • Intramural Sports
    Basketball (3 on 3), dodgeball, tennis, doubles volleyball
  • Clubs
    Games club, speech club, photo club

Not all colleges offer the same sports and activities. Look into the colleges you are interested in to find more information about what they offer.