CLMS Family Update

November 25, 2022

From CLMS Principal, Mr. Eric Pettit

Good Afternoon CLMS Families!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and was able to enjoy time spent with loved ones! While it is always nice to catch our breath heading into December, I am excited to hit the ground running when we return on Monday! Our students and staff have been working hard all year and I have not doubts that it will continue into the winter!

Beginning on December 1st, students will be able to start our Winter NWEA MAP assessment. This is something we do three times each year to determine what students already know, and what they are prepared to learn in the future. We emphasize the importance of students taking these assessments seriously as it helps our staff develop a more personalized learning experience. I look forward to seeing how much our students have grown from the fall.

Thank you for taking part of your Thanksgiving Break to read this Family Update. The rest of the newsletter contains information on the importance of attendance, our upcoming "Season of Giving," Winter Athletic schedules, and more! Please contact the middle school office with any questions. We look forward to responding on Monday!

As always, Go Pirates!

Eric Pettit

Principal, Cardington-Lincoln Middle School

(419) 864-0609

CLMS Classroom Highlight- Attendance Matters!

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Pictured above is the state assessment of chronic absenteeism at CLLS. This is defined as missing at least 10 percent of the instructional time for any reason, excused or unexcused. This includes tardies to school. The goal for the 2021/22 school year was 22.1% When comparing our district to 20 other similar districts, CLLS had the highest chronic absenteeism rate. The Department of Education states that improved attendance leads to a greater likelihood of graduation and improved assessment scores. Attendance matters! While we do not want students to come to school when they are sick, we encourage families to, when possible, avoid scheduling appointments and vacations during the student day.

Season of Giving

The middle school students are excited to give back to our community through our Season of Giving campaign starting Monday, November 28th. The fifth through eighth grade students will be collecting non-perishable food products to donate to the Cardington Food Pantry. The food pantry is in need of canned fruit, pasta, spaghetti sauce and soups. However, all non-perishable food donations are appreciated. Donations will be collected in the middle school entrance.
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CLMS Winter Sports Schedules

Our district website has the most up-to-date schedules for all of our Winter Sports in grades 7-12. Click on the button below to be taken to our athletic page. From here, you can select the "Winter" season and see all of our teams and their games!

End of Day Requests

If you need to have a message delivered to your student for any reason (such as change in transportation, information about practices, reminders, etc..), please contact the Middle School Office by 3pm, when possible. This will ensure that your message is delivered. While staff will make every effort to deliver any messages received after 3pm, it cannot be guaranteed.
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Members of our Robotics Team Preparing for Competition!

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