Prinsloo's Patch

Pleased to prepare students for planetary futures!

Well two more weeks to Spring Break-and hasn't time change been fun!

Just some notes from class about upcoming adventures. Of course yeah! Spring break is imminent, that's always fun.

Students are very engaged in their learning, please continue to support at home by reviewing daily and signing agendas. We are not yet ready to review science-its still a work in progress but Social Studies notes are being built upon every day.


A teacher's tale of woe!

Please ask your child if they have enough supplies, I know that we are short on glue sticks and erasers, if each parent would just provide supplies for their student that would be amazing.

Field trips

We are trying to organize two more filed trips one through the Fort Mill History museum, when the replica of the Hunley arrives, I am still awaiting a response on that, and to Brattonsville. Again still awaiting dates and confirmation.