Mechanical Keyboard Switch

Garatte ezkel, and Jordan Parks

Key Switch

The key switch is made from Abs Plastic casing, tempered steel springs, and copper circuit

Step 1: Raise and Extract

Plastics such as ABS are created from crude oil. We obtain crude oil from the middle east and Russia.

Steel is produced from ore that is mined in Brazil.

Copper is Mined from Chile, and Peru.

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Step 2: Process

ABS plastic:

ABS is made by a process where the raw materials go to a refinery to be produced into plastic, from there they use techniques such as injection molding to create the desired shape.


Raw Iron ore is taken to the blast furnace to remove all the impurities. From there they add carbon usually less that one percent to produce steel. the blast furnace has temperatures of over 3000 Fahrenheit


copper is produced by being fed into a oxygen infused furnace with flux. After the copper has been smelted for the first time the slag or excess material is left to be removed. A second round of smelting allows for the the copper to be cleaned even further. in the end they have 99.95% pure copper.

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Step 3: Manufacturing

The manufacturing for they key switch is pretty simple, all that's needed is to make a coiled spring, a basic circuit, and to mold the plastic into the shape that is needed. This process is automated at the Cherry Manufacturing warehouse.
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Step 4: Use

Key switches are used in higher quality keyboards, and can be used as a basic momentary switch.

Step 5: Recycle

The steel spring can be recycled Easily, because it is the easiest to recycle out of most materials, this can be reproduced into many different types of materials such as cars, and building materials.

The ABS plastic can not be recycled easily as it is made from many different types of resins, the only way to recycle this is by sending the plastic back to the manufacturer

Copper is very easy to recycle, because all you have to do is re-smelt it and produce it into another product.