By Joshua Cantu and Isaias Mendoza, 2nd period

About the religion

Judaism is one of the three main religions. They are called Jews. They are taught to pray every day. They pray every day because it is part of their life style. They also pray in the holy building called a synagogue. They pray every day to their God just like in Christianity. But in Judaism, they can pray to their God and their God alone. They Also believe that the dead will be resurrected. They actually call their god Adonai. For the Jews, Abraham is simply the first Jew. All three religions have prayer in common. They also all believe that Their God is the only God and that He is the most powerful.

Leaders in the synagogue

These three people are the leaders of a church or mass in Judaism.

The symbol

The Judaism symbol

This symbol actually is supposed to represent King Davids shield or the emblem on it. It is called the Star Of David. It is thought to bring good luck. It is a popular practice to put the Star Of David outside of synagogues. It is on the Israel state flag.

Holy Days

A Jewish holiday begins on the sunrise of this day and the next day. The most important is Yom Kippur. People fast on this day and there is also no work. They also attend synagogue services. There is fasting on this day of food and water.


This is a picture of a Jewish church.