Stephen F. Austin

Empresario of Texas

Stephen F. Austin

            Born on November 3, 1793 a man would be born, and would go onto be one of the most successful empresarios of Texas. His name was Stephen F. (Fuller) Austin, his father was Moses Austin. Moses Austin had the idea of letting 300 familes settle in his colony, but soon after he passed away, so Stephen, his son, took over his father Moses dream. The Things you would have to do or be to settle in his colony.You would have to be either a Spanish/American citizen You hard worker. You would have to have slaves to fill the population. You would have to be a Catholic/Christian person. He has a college named after him Stephen F. Austin (SFA) Lumberjacks. He died December 27, 1836 he, was great,great man.    


What Else He Did

He was a Texas ranger, a delegate, and a secretary of state when he was being an empresario he did alot more things than that he was very busy man when he was an empresario. He had the 2nd biggest colony in Texas, it was about the size of 7 counties all together. He was born in the mining counties of Viginia that would be southwestern Virginia. He was a very educated man he went to many various universities.

Who He Got Married To And His Glory

He got married to, his sister back in that time it was ok to get married to your sister and her name was Emily Austin and they had a kid named Stephen F Austin. Jr. named after his father. many people don't  know what his middle name is, but I am going to tell you what it is. Fuller, Fuller is his middle name. They have a 60 foot statue of him at SFA Universitiy, he is a very honered man around Texas.