Learning w/a Chromeboook?

What Does That Mean for Your Child?

And Why Chromebooks?

Introducing the Chromebook

Means for My Child?

  • Every student will have a Chromebook plus a bag to keep it free from damage
  • They will use the same device everyday
  • Chromebooks will be kept at school and charged every night.
  • Teachers will deliver daily classroom content through a teacher created Blog
  • Students will learn to turn in assignments digitally
  • Chromebooks specifically use a suite of apps called Google Drive, for free, that students will use daily
  • Learning will move toward a curriculum integrated with technology for the 21st century learner

Google Drive

Student will create, save and store all Google documents within their Google Drive.

Google Suite of Apps:

  • Documents
  • GMail
  • Spreadsheet
  • Calendar
  • YouTube
  • Form and Draw

Google Drive App Sharing

Students can share any Google Drive app with other students and teachers for collaborative, real time work.