Evanston, Illinois


Place- Whats it like there? exactly how busy is it?

Evanston is a busy city with lots of friendly people. There are many great beaches everywhere. Evanston is home to northwestern university, which has one of the prettiest campuses around. These are just a few of the reasons evanston is such a tourist attraction.

location- where is it?

evanston is in cook county, 12 miles north of downtown chicago. it's borderd by chicago to the south,skokie to the west and wilmette to the north. it has a population of 74,486 as of 2010. citation: wikipedia

Why do people move here?

People move to evanston because a lot of famous people are from here, including THE PRESIDENT! (chicago) African americans and others are welcome here. Many of the people here are african or asian.
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