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Station Teaching


The coteaching pair divides the instructional content into parts. Each teacher instructs one of the groups. Groups then rotate and spend a designated amount of time at each station. Often an independent station will be used along with the teacher-led stations.

3 StationTeaching


  • English: Students are writing a literary analysis and bring a draft of their essay to class. Stations focus on different writing concepts (e.g., thesis statement, textual evidence) and steps in the writing process (e.g., peer review, revisions). At the conclusion of the rotations, students have received guidance on how to strengthen their thesis statement and incorporate textual evidence while also having an opportunity to receive peer feedback and begin working on revisions.
  • Math: One teacher reviews homework and answers questions, one teacher explains a new concept and answers questions, and a final station is students working independently on a quiz at their desks
  • Science: Students are preparing for the next day’s lesson, which will include a lab in which dangerous chemicals are used. Six stations are implemented with four occurring without supervision. One coteacher facilitates the station on using dangerous chemicals while the other coteacher facilitates an oral exam station that assesses students’ learning of last night’s reading.
  • Social Science: Independently, students read their textbook chapter on WWI. One teacher reviews and discusses the war using a primary source of information (an interview with a veteran) while the other teacher reviews and discusses the war using a secondary source of information (an interview with the daughter of a WWI veteran). For homework, students create a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the information gathered from the primary and secondary sources.


  • Determine content for each station that will need approximately the same amount of time to be completed
  • Determine which stations need to be facilitated by a teacher and which stations students can complete independently
  • Discuss which coteacher should facilitate which station; focus on the strengths of each coteacher in making this decision
  • Create stations that allow students to be successful regardless of the order in which the stations are completed