My Hero

Aaron Mleziva & Jordan Mleziva

Hero Means to Me

Hero means that someone would go out of their way to help me or someone who goes above and beyond what is expected.

Why Aaron Mleziva is My Hero?

Aaron Mleziva is my older brother. He is a Senior at Denmark High School. He is involved with the school a lot. He was Aladdin in this year musical. He has been my biggest role model since day one. He is going to Wisconsin. He is really smart. But, the main reason is that he will go out of his way to help me with anything.

Why Jordan Mleziva Is My Hero?

Jordan Mleziva is my oldest brother. He is a Sophomore at Madison Tech College. He goes there as a diesel mechanic. He is the type that is mean at you but he actually means good. He teaches me much more than Aaron. Jordan is a fun brother to hang out with.