Keeping Current?

Ocean Currents and How They Work

Ocean Currents 101

The word currents can be used in many contexts. Like keeping currents with the latest gadgets or which way a creek flows. Ocean currents are a little different. They are caused by gravity and is based on it's speed and direction (also called velocity) it can be differentiated from other currents.

Three Ways Currents Are Made: Things I Learned

Q&A: I Ask the Questions and Can Someone Please Tell Me The Answers?

Ok, hear me out, all you people who know this answer and think strongly about it. I just haven't figured it out yet. It says that currents maintain balance, but how? How does it maintain balance? And what can destroy that balance? Can anything disrupt a currents, change it's course, etc?

Without currents, ships carrying products would take a lot slower time to get across oceans.