News From Room 11

January 25, 2013

What will we be learning next week:

* Language Arts Unit 3 REVIEW- Have Fun! Please go back and review all the old vocabulary words as well as the spelling words. Make it fun, play memory, use white boards, or make up silly sentences with the words.

- Vocabulary: culture, custom, language, similar, skill, original, astonishing, complicated, talented, continue, mood, ridiculous, humorous, delighted, amuse

- Spelling: whale, catch, match, chin, chop, whip, strike, string, splash, split, scrub, scrap, throne, thrill, make, take, came, game, gate, late, shop, with, why, school, like, spike, ride, hide, bike, mine, make, how, there, joke, nose, note, woke, cute, cube,

* Math: Graphs

* Writing- using an opening sentence, first, then, next

* Science- Weather Predictions and Wind

Upcoming Events:


SATURDAY JANUARY 26th LEGOLAND has a very fun run for kids. Last year, a bunch of 1st graders ran together and I would love to do it again this year. The kids run through Legoland and it's $20 for all ages. They even have a toddler race! Everyone gets a shiny medal at the end!

It’s a great way to get the kids into exercising and they LOVE doing stuff all together.

Here is the link with all the info you need:

Register TODAY if you want to join in the fun and let me know if you plan to attend. Don't forget to put down SSF as our school – if 10 or more kids participate the school gets something!

Coyote Party

-We earned 25 coyote classes! Way to go, now we get to celebrate with a coyote party! Next Thursday, they can bring in ONE sleeping bag or blanket, ONE pillow, and any G rated movies. We voted to have a “Share and Tell” party. This means your child may bring in ONE item to share with the class. Please NO battery operated or electrical toy and it must fit into his or her backpack.

100th Day of School

-Tuesday, February 5th is the 100th day of school! Please send in the SAME object. Be creative! We will be counting, sharing, and comparing our collections of 100 objects. (NO FOOD) These collections will NOT be returned

- No Computer Lab from January 22nd- February 8th due to MAP Testing

- MAP Testing the week of January 30th- February 3rd


Christy Campbell


Watch Carson, Diego, Lauren, & Alyssa retell the book that we read in our reading group this week. Just click on the link.