Abigail Adams and Thomas Paine

Maggie Jedlicka, and Caden Batson

Abigail Adams

  • November 11th,1714-October 28th,1818
  • Abigail lived in Braintree,Boston,Quincy and Weymouth Massachusetts as well as England for politics
  • She married John Adams and had 5 children,Abigail N,John Q,Susanna,Charles and Thomas Adams
  • Abigail Adams was the second First Lady of the United States and a women's rights activist who wrote "Remember the Ladies"


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Thomas Paine

  • Thomas Paine was married and his first wife died, and him and his second wife got divorced.
  • Thomas Paine lived from 1737-1809.
  • His family was poor, he started working at age 13 and went to sea at age 19.
  • Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense, The American Crisis, Rights of Man, and Age of Reason.
  • Thomas Paine fought in the American Revolution during 1776.


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