Blue Jays

In Wisconsin

Description Of Animal

The Wisconsin Blue Jay is blue and white. They weigh 3.5 ounces and they grow to about 12 inches long.
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Blue Jays eat dog food , worms ,nuts and insects. Blue Jays also eat eggs.
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The Blue Jay lives in farmlands, woodlands, and forests. They live all through the state of Wisconsin.

Population in Wisconsin

During breeding season, the population was 1,144 in the Wisconsin area.


Blue jays lay eggs two times a year. The blue jay starts nesting in early February - April. Blue jays live in pairs.
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The blue jay lives about 10-15 years.
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Interesting or Unusual facts

The blue jays can copy other birds sounds. They steal eggs and baby birds from nests. When they fly south they can travel in groups of 250 birds.
Blue Jay - HD Mini-Documentary