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Our Mission Statement

The Patriot’s mission is to gain independence, protect individual rights, and to have a democracy in order to have participation in government.

Why is this an issue?

The policies Britain has created violate our individual rights and beliefs as a community. To start off with the main government problems: We have no representation in government and restricted participation. Economically, the policies are reducing the amount of money the colonists earn, increasing the taxes the colonists pay, and benefiting the mother country more than the colonists. We, the Patriots, plan to separate from Britain, create a representative democracy, and to protect our individual rights unlike what Britain is currently doing.

Our Leader: George Washington

George Washington is a very clever man, He will bring us to victory. George Washington was born February 22 1732. He was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, which is also his hometown. He was home schooled and studied with a local church. George Washington’s dad died when he was eleven. He got married to Martha Washington and had adopted Martha’s children as his own from her previous marriage.

George Washington is a very good general for us. Without a general as good as he, we will lose this battle. With his planned strategies we are confident we will win. Have no fear because we have a strategic general. Not only this would help us, but he has a very good understanding of political and economic problems related to the military. He also has a lot of knowledge of the geographic factors.Our soon to be general is an astonishing person.

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