It's an ight place.

What is it like here?

Well, there are about 46 million of us here. Compared to other places, that's not a lot of people. Just know how to speak Korean. If you hate the cold then you're in luck because we have what they call a humid continental climate, which means it's usually hot here. The average temperature is about 85 degrees and there is only a lot of rainfall in June.

What religion to expect:

Most of us actually have no religious preference, but the rest of us are most likely to be Buddhist or Christian.
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Most of our economy is based of tourism. Here are some of our beautiful, most visited cities below:

Like it so far? If not then you can leave.

Our Government:

We are a constitutional democracy. Basically the same as the U.S., but the executive branch has a bit more power over here.


South Korea takes its education very seriously. We expect our students to preform at a very high level. After grade school, most of our highly intelligent students will then proceed onto college. The college with the most students is Seoul National University.
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All we basically do here is a variety of martial arts,soccer, basketball, and baseball for sports. Entertainment is where we truly shine. We gave you Gangnam Style. You're welcome.

Come visit us in SOUTH KOREA!