SMART Lunch at HHS

Program Update March 2015

SMART Lunch Tutorials

Tutorials are required of (students who have D’s, F’s, zeros or missing work.

4064 students have been required for tutorial with 3329 attending.

3249 students have attended SMART lunch voluntarily.

SMART Lunch Flexible Enrichment

Students with A’s, B’s and C’s earn free time to choose among:

  • a social period with their friends
  • open study hall in the library
  • computer study in academic lab or upstairs APEX labs
  • game time in a leisure computer lab
  • flexibly scheduled enrichment activities
  • club meetings= 1226 students so far
  • gym time= 1000 students a week
  • SAT/ACT prep classes
  • mentoring with a SMART lunch volunteer or lunch with a teacher= 3084 students so far

Mid-Year Teacher Survey

Teachers responded to: “How Effective is SMART Lunch for..."

  • Improving Academic Performance- 82% responded positively
  • Motivating Students- 80% responded positively
  • Providing Enrichment- 57% responded positively
  • Improving Overall Morale- 86% responded positively
  • Providing Collaborative Planning to Teachers- 55% responded positively

100% of teachers responded that Yes, HHS should continue SMART Lunch.

Next Steps in Monitoring and Improvement

  1. Track Student Grades- Comparison of overall grades from semester 1 last year to semester 1 this year does not show effect. Need to continue overall grade tracking for longer time span.
  2. Establish Stronger Monitoring of Teacher Referral to SMART Lunch- Currently monitoring SMART Lunch forms, adding weekly cross-reference to student grades in Powerschool
  3. Create Specialized Tutorial Group- Plans to work with Dr. Lewis to establish incentive program for subgroup of students most often in SMART Lunch Detention