The war on terror

and how its foght.

Obama and the war on terror

Obama was in office when Asama was killed.

secret kill squads are actively hunting down expected terrorist but mostly kill civilians.

Guantanamo bay still operating how it has been with detainees

Aisha a girl mutilated by terrorist gets new nose in america

secret assaults and sirvalence increased

two paragraphs

Obama wanted to move away from bush's terrorist plan but it seems he was unable two. Guantanamo bay is still operating how it was and there are still secret strikes against expected terrorist.

what we are doing now is not working and its harming innocent people we need to make a few changes to our policy to reduce the strikes or to make them more effective and accurate of we don't.


ended up with a simile terrorist policy to bush

tried to close Guantanamo bay but failed

office while Asama bin laden killed

he was in office for that girls nose job