Helping Your Child

Recognize & Understand Anger

Do ever have trouble calming your children when they're angry?

Calming angry children can be one of the most difficult things when parenting, so when your child is angry put in mine to not teach your kids what you yourself have been taught, teach them something new. Children don't understand what to do when they feel certain emotions, so they throw temper tantrums. You have to help your child understand that what they're feelings is normal and teach them ways that they can handle those emotions, without tantrums.

Things You Can Try At Home

Helping your child when they're angry

When your child is angry, you have to notice and quickly help them understand that's it's fine and there are certain manners in which they can solve their anger. When talking to your child don't tell them to stop being angry, ask them questions, tell them you understand; this will help them calm down. Encourage your child to move around, try things that can distract them from the anger. Teach your child to yell into a pillow or an object, to release they're anger. They can try running or anything that can get them pumped up.

Now when at school, children can get angry as well. Teachers are there to help your child understand and calm them down just as you would with your child at home. At school your child has much more distractions to stop them from being angry, such as playing with other kids, having story time, having nap time, etc.

Anger is something everyone experiences from time to time. You have to be the one to help your child know this, don't tell your kids that anger is bad, there are just certain ways to deal with it, and you have to teach them that. A child who has been taught how to deal with anger properly will be less likely to express their anger in an aggressive way. The ability to control anger, and any other feeling is a life-long skill necessary for people and children to be healthy and happy.