Individual and Group Consultation

For Professional Growth and Skill Developement

First the Group Consultations

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Group Consultation

If you have been formally trained in EMDR and are looking for an Approved Consultant in order to work toward certification or even just to promote skill development as you practice this trauma reduction strategy than this group might be for you.

The Group Facilitator is Lois Ehrmann PhD, LPC, NCC

Certified EMDR Therapist and Approved Consultant

Call or email to verify and check on the group meeting time and schedule.

Attachment Focused Family Therapy Group Consultation

If your work with children and families have been challenging and you sense that the more traditional strategies of CBT and behavior modification are not getting you and/or your family where they need to be then this consultation group which focuses on emotional based, trauma reduction based and attachment and bonding based strategies may be right for you.

The facilitator of this group is Lois Ehrmann PhD, LPC, NCC

Certified Attachment Focused Family Therapist and Approved Consultant

Registered ATTACh Therapist

Call or email to verify and check on the group meeting time and schedule.

Internal Family Systems Consultation Group

This group is for professionals who want to deepen their use of this model of therapy with clients as well as to further explore how their own parts and reactions impact and affect the therapeutic alliance. If you have been formally trained in Level 1 of IFS and are looking for consultation hours that would count toward certification then this might be a group that really fits well for you. If you have not been formally trained in IFS but are interested in the model and want to learn how to use this with some pre-group reading this group might also work well for you.

The group facilitator is Lois Ehrmann PhD, LPC, NCC -Certified IFS Therapist

Call or email to verify and check on the group meeting time and schedule.

Registration Information and Costs

All consultation groups are limited to 8-10 members at a time so if you are interested please contact Lois Ehrmann asap.

The cost of each group session is $50.00/Person/per group session

Lois can be reached by phone (814) 237-0567 Ext 106 or (814) 404-0286


All groups are held in the training facilities of the CHOICES Program located at 2214 North Atherton Street, Suite 4, State College, PA 16803

Lois also does group consultation for other agencies interested in implementing trauma informed care, IFS and sensitive attachment focused strategies. She can do this group consultation face to face at the agency site or via the Internet. Pricing varies dependent on the needs and situation.

About Lois Ehrmann PhD, LPC, NCC

Lois is the founder of CHOICES, a holistic counseling group in State College, PA. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice for over 28 years and an Assistant Professor in Counselor Education and Supervision at PSU. She is an Approved Consultant in EMDR and has introduced the IFS model to groups of parents of traumatized children, traumatized and attachment challenged children and their families, and to professional healers who work with traumatized children, adults, and families. She is a Registered ATTACh Clinician, Certified Attachment Focused Family Therapist/Consultant and an Approved Clinical Supervisor (NCE). She is also certified in Clinical Hypnosis and as a Distance Credentialed Counselor. She works with individuals and families who suffer from trauma, abuse and attachment issues. She also works with professional helpers from diverse fields in mentoring them in their professional and personal development. As Lois begins the sunset time of her career she looks forward to imparting the knowledge she has gained over the past 28 years to a new generation of helpers and healers. Lois strives always for balance and teaches her consultees that the power is in the journey and the process because there really is not ever a final destination. Contact Lois if you are interested in seeing if she can be of help through group or individual consultation.

For more information about Lois go to the following websites:

Face to Face and Internet/Distance Individual Consultation

Lois is available for individual consultation in both the face to face and distance formats for a variety of issues and specializations. Consultations can be about further learning of a specialty or about struggles related to various aspects of client treatment.

Lois does face to face consultations at her office at CHOICES and internet/distance consultations at a variety of locations where she can insure privacy and a good web connection.

If you are interested in individual consultation with Lois call or email her to set up a brief screening to see if there is a match.