Mary Downing Hahn

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Mary Downing Hahn is a fromer children's librarian. She has been writing stories for about 30 years. Almost all of her books have sold 2 million copies and are constantly getting children's choice awards. She writes fantasies, historical fiction, and Contemporary fiction. She is best known though for her mysteries and ghost stories. She is a reader, a traveler, and she loves art. Mary lives in Maryland where she was born, raised ,and also where most of her stories take place. She has 2 grown up daugthers.

Closed For The Season

Closed for the Season is about 2 13 year old boys named Arthur and Logan who try to solve a murder mystery that took place a few years ago in Logan's old house. They soon find themselves in an amusement park that is closed for the seaon.

Deep Dark and Dangerous

Ali, a 13 year old girl, goes on vacation with her aunt Dulcie and her 4 year old daughter named Emma. Soon Ali and Emma meet a girl named Sissy who keeps talking about a girl named Teresa who drowned in the lake when her aunt Dulcie and her mother were kids. At first Ali thinks Sissy I trying to scare her but soon finds out different.

All the Lovely Bad Ones

Travis and Corey go to their grandmother’s sleepy Vermont inn and decide to play a trick on the the tourists and the people staying there because have been histories of ghost sightings there. But soon find out they aren’t the only ghosts there and there thoughtless games may have caused an awakening of something very dangerous.

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· The Old Willis Place

· Time for Andrew

· Wait Till Helen Comes

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· Tallahassee Higgins

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Wait Till Helen Comes Trailer