K-C News

May 8, 2016

What you really need to know

The calendar drama continues. Okay let's get this straight...I have erroneously listed June 6 as a conference date in several places so let's all get our calendars together right now and erase that completely!!! Though I have now stacked the deck in my favor that you may not actually send your child to school that day, that is a dishonest way for me to get a day off, so PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL ON JUNE 6 and correct your calendar to show, instead, that JUNE 1 is a NO KINDERGARTEN/CONFERENCE DAY.

The Homework Survey link is active! Please click here to answer some short questions and share your feedback on our sight word homework program. Thank you!

kindergarten homework survey

We are gearing up for our ABC countdown for the last 26 (or 27 if you are calendar impaired like me. Ahem.) days of school. Please check your calendar for days that will require a bit of at-home prep. Participation is totally optional. Days you can help prepare for this week:

  • Tuesday: Stuffed animal day
  • Thursday: Crazy hair day

Mark your calendar.

I'm pretty sure all of these dates are accurate ;)

But you never know...

No Morning Kindergarten:

June 1 (conferences) ** revised (again)

Kindergarten Talent Show: Please send participation slips back to school ASAP!

June 7 at 4:00

Kindergarten Portfolio Day and Slide Show:

June 15 at 8:45-9:10. View your child's collection of schoolwork in room 188.

Last day of School:

Friday, June 17 (Early Release at 12:15, K-5)

What we've been up to.

  • We read and compared many versions of The Little Red Hen. We even had a reader's theater performance with a pig, duck, dog and cat selected from our kindergarten audience.
  • Our tadpoles made it to young adulthood. They sprouted legs and have been released back into the wild at Cutler Park.
  • We are learning to use the number line to solve addition and subtraction problems. We have begun with a focus on +1, -1, +0 and -0 and will move up from there.
  • We celebrated Earth Day with some seed planting and painted coffee filter globes created by coloring with water based markers and then dripping water on them to blend the colors.

Links of the week.

Read and match CVC words to pictures:



number line addition and subtraction race:


For the kids who want to know when their plants will start growing...


The things kids say. For real.

Or that time when I just laughed out loud because, kindergarten.

Student: Mrs. Cohen, I like your necklace.

Mrs. Cohen: Thank you. I'm not wearing a necklace.

Vanity has no place in room 188.