Unidad 4 Lección 1 España

Vamos de compra


¡Vamos de compras!

In this lesson you will learn to:
  • talk about what clothes you want to buy
  • say what you wear in different seasons
Pamplona, Spain: Running of the Bulls


Click here for the vocabulary list and practice.
Salvador Dali Museum in Barcelona Spain, Pitzol Surrealist Art Insanity
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La persistencia de la memoria

La persistencia de la memoria is considered one of Dali's masterpieces, shows pocket watches melting. What do you think it means?
Direct Object Pronouns

Lesson on how to use direct object pronouns in Spanish

Direct Object Pronouns Worksheets

Climas diferentes

Countries near the equator remain with warm temperatures all year, even though they may have rainy and warm seasons.
However, countries in the northern or southern hemispheres have opposite seasons. For example, while it is winter in Spain, it is summer in Chile.
Mechanism of The Seasons

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