The smallest tech man has ever found.

Nano tech in my eyes.

Nano tech could be the best thing that can happen to this world. It could help society so much with structures and even finding cures for diseases such as cancer. But it could also be the cause of the next world war.

How long have we known about nanotech?

Nanotechnology has been here forever. Even though we haven't discovered it till 2008. We have over 400,000 people working on the nano tech today. An ethical mistake of nano-tech is that if it was to fall in the wrong hands it could be the cause of something bad.

Nanotechnology is related to the other areas of science by...

Nano-tech is related to the other areas of science by the fact it is in basically everything and that it could help build all the other areas up so much.

The future of Nanotechnology...

The future of nano-tech is that it could cure every disease there is or ever will be. It could help us build structures that would normally take us a week in a matter of a day. Nanobots will be formed to do a normal mans job in a matter of seconds. We could do anything with nanotechnology in the future.