The Wunsche Chronicols

Why Health is Imortant

Why Drugs Are Harmful

People now in these days think that drugs are unharmful to themselves, but they are. They think that its not harmful because it came from the earth, however poison ivy is from the earth too, and so are some poison plants in third world countries. Those plants will kill you if misused. People say that marijuana is not as bad as beer or alcohol and that if driving while smoking is as safe as driving when not smoking, But recent studies have shown that driving under the influence of marijuana is as disorienting as being drunk, or even more.

People think that smoking it won't cause any harm to anyone if not themselves, but they don't know is what some people go threw to get it. Somebody may have been killed in order to get the marijuana or lives may have been ruined to get it, in order to sell it to you. Not only is this stuff illegal but it can make you not care about your surroundings. While not caring and about what's going on or thinking about what's going to happen to you in the future might be fun to others, someone else might be counting on you to do things. Do you think that dulling your senses are going to make you a better parent,worker or wife/husband or a better anything.

Some think that smoking will make you more social, it'll make you more interactive with the people who hang around you. Just sitting around and smoking not starting a conversation and complaining isn't really building social skills. Drugs are a menace to society and should be dealt with accordingly.

Why Drugs Aren't Ok

Drugs makes me sick I wish drugs weren't even discovered. Do you know how many people who have lost their life to drugs? In total of the whole world 3-5 million people die each year from drugs. I don’t care what kind of drugs they’re there is no such thing as a good drug. Prescription drugs can kill you too.

Prescription drugs are killing more people than illegal drugs are. People will begin taking prescription drugs and then end up getting addicted and cause their self to overdose. Prescription drugs aren't going to necessarily hurt you but they’re very harmful for your body.

People think it’s cool to smoke marijuana and sniff crack. A lot of people in my generation feel that marijuana relieves stress. Marijuana might does that but why do you have so much stress in you? I see a lot of people try crack and say they will never do it again but crack makes you eager to want more. If you ever feel the need to let some stress out of just try something different this time for Christ sake!

I don’t care about what anyone has to say about why you should smoke. I’m pretty sure I can give plenty more reasons why you should not. If you don’t smoke you’ll have lesser wrinkles. Everyone should want to be beautiful on the in and outside .

How To Kill Yourself

Murdering yourself is easy nowadays. It’s as simple as eating at a fast food restaurant. So simple in fact that people are actually succeeding in doing it everyday, whether from diabetes or heart attack. But don't be discouraged if you are a fit lad or gent, you can still manage to do so. Nowadays drugs are a popular way to kill yourself. It’s not always the fastest or the most efficient, but rest assured it is the most popular of the ways. Because we all know it’s better to do what’s popular.

But if death by sigaweed (cigar + weed) or following what other people do isn't your style, have no fear there are even more ways to kill yourself. Steroids are a wonderful way to do so and not just overdosing. You can slip into a depression and commit suicide due to steroids, or head face first into a wonderful rage. Steroids are a triple threat when it comes to killing yourself. And if killing yourself isn't enough of an effect you want to have on people, the rage that you induce can hurt others around you. You can also follow in the footsteps of many athletes who have murdered their own families while taking steroids.

There are many options on the table for you, and in many very simple ways. You can follow the crowd and just do whatever your friends are doing. Be a buff dude and take some steroids and show us all how in rage you are. or you can indulge in fast food restaurants. They may not all be fast or efficient but don't worry. If killing yourself is your goal, just remember to take steroids, follow the crowd and eat as much fast food as you can and don't stop, you'll be six feet underground in n

How To Slowly Die

Drugs aren’t only taking over humans life's and slowly killing them it’s also killing our society, brain cells, and also our children. You would think that is was only the illegal drugs but prescription drugs are killing us to. Drugs doesn’t have to literally kill you but I see and also hear about someone being murder because of drugs. Drugs doesn’t do anything but hurt people.

Sad to say that our society is slowly dying. People are killing each other behind drugs. It’s really not that serious to take someone’s life. There has been so many murders. There has even been innocent people get killed behind drugs.

Marijuana and a lot other varieties of drugs are getting inside of our schools and killing our children brain cells. Students are having a hard time focusing. People need to lean that just because drugs are popular doesn't makes it right to do. Our society is mostly monkey see monkey do people are easily getting influenced by things. I Wish our society wasn't stuck on stupid.