A plan for the extreme makeover

My detailed plan

Monday 6th (design and plan) -

- I will be using smore to finish my design (30 minutes)

- Inserting all of my design and finish them.

- Finish off my chosen design conclusion

- The resources I will be use will be, camera, pencil, paper and a word processor.

Tuesday 7th (investigate) - For homework, I will be researching on the internet for examples of DT workshops around the world and the focus layout of it. (30 minutes)

Wednesday 8th (create) -

- Creating the building floor by using sketch-up (30 minutes)

- Measure the existing building carefully (15 minutes)

- Getting feedback from friends and teachers about my building. (15 minutes)

- Adding doors and walls (30 minutes)

Thursday 9th - create (i should be completing the walls and color)

Friday 10th - create (I should be starting to create my doors and making sure that the sizes are correct)

Saturday 11th - create (I will be working on other academic things)

Sunday 12th - create ( I will be working on other academic things)

Monday 13th -create (I should be working on my locker room and splitting every of my rooms in sections)

Tuesday 14th - create - (I should be working on my display and getting the glass ready)

Wednesday 15th - create (i should be adding all of the furnitures inside)

- Plan and evaluate.

Thursday 16th - create (editing)

Friday 17th - Evaluate my finishing product and submit everything through managebac.

Reflection of my plan: