WASC'ATEER Update for November 2014

Getting Ready for Olympian's WASC visit in March

WASC Review

Greetings WASC'ATEERS:

This is my latest WASC update for all you awesome WASC'ATEERS. The purpose of these periodic updates is to keep you informed about Olympian's WASC Self Study process, and to provide you with interesting information that is mentioned in the school's on-going Self Study.

As part of the WASC process, the school's WASC Focus Groups, made up of school staff members, parents and students, have met several times this school year to provide answers to WASC Self Study questions/prompts.

This Self Study (which will eventually consist of 5 chapters) will be reviewed during the first week in March by all the members of the WASC visiting committee. During this week they will visit all Olympian High classrooms and talk with individual students to determine if what we say in the Self Study paints an accurate picture of what is actually occurring here on campus.

Results from the Focus Group meetings

One of the things each Focus Group developed as part of the Self Study was a list of the school's strengths.

Here is a partial list of "some" of the strengths they identified:

1. The Mastery Model ensures all students get the opportunity to master skills/standards. Furthermore, mastery is also supported through tutoring in the After School Activities Program, the Academic Tutorial Period, and peer tutoring.

2. The Academic Tutorial Period.

3. Effective communication to parents and community of student academic performance/progress, to include the school-wide use of Jupitergrades.com.

4. Use of Think-Pair-Share instructional strategy to obtain timely student feedback.

5. All the activities included in the Roadmap to the Common Senior Experience, to include the 9th grade student led conference, the 10th grade College and Career Readiness conference, the Junior Exhibition, and the Senior Showcase.

6. The Academic Literacy Plan--to include the College Readiness Skills and the Habits of Mind.

7. Teachers work in PLCs to develop common syllabi, curriculum, pacing guides, common assessments and common teaching strategies.

8. An emphasis on A-G requirements and rigorous course offerings, reinforced by open access to all AP courses and career pathways (i.e. Health Science and medical technology, Media technology, Business Finance, and Principles of Engineering.

9. The AVID program.

Mr Rodriguez English Teacher and WASC Coordinator

Next Update

Expect the next WASC update after Thanksgiving break