Genetic Engineering

By Claire Shephard

What is Genetic Engineering and how is it a Mutation?

Genetic Engineering is the process of manipulating a certain characteristic that pertains to an individual. This is particularly helpful in eradicating various mutations, and is currently being researched further in order to treat cancers.

Some people make a link between Genetic Engineering and Genetic Mutations. Through this process of Artificial Selection, as opposed to Natural Selection, the 'survival of the fittest' philosophy is no longer a heredity condition. The direct manipulation of cells is viewed as forced mutation, although this can be paradoxical as when used correctly, Genetic Engineering actually works to correct Genetic Mutations.


The issues surrounding Genetic Engineering often come from both a religious and ethical perspective. From a Christian perspective, God created you and intentionally gave you your flaws, which become part of your humanity. Therefore, to correct these natural mistakes is disrespectful to God. From an Ethical perspective, Genetic Engineering whilst the being in the pre-natal stage is unjustifiable as the being cannot choose if they want the alterations to be made or not. Ethical code also states that if Genetic Engineering becomes advanced enough, we cannot create 'designer babies', where we choose everything about an individual's characteristics, down to their eye and hair colour, and this undermines individualism.

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