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Join Band in 6th grade!
Join 6th Grade Beginner Band @ PLV (2020)

Interested in 6th Grade Beginner Band? That's great!!!

I am glad you are interested in giving Band a chance. Band is an amazing place to be yourself and enjoy music! Please read below for the steps on how to join Plainview's 6th Grade Beginner Band!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through my email address:


Mr. Davis

Band Director

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How to Join Band??

1. READ ALL the information below about 6th Grade Beginner Band.

2. WATCH the DEMONSTRATION VIDEOS on the different types of instruments you can play!

3. Finally, RESPOND by July 1st, 2020 to submit your contact information through our online 6TH GRADE BAND INTEREST FORM (click here).

Very Important: Due to COVID19 and not finishing out the school year in a traditional fashion, I am asking parents and students to WAIT before trying to purchase or rent instruments until AFTER school starts. I will send home important paperwork with your child the first day of school that will be very helpful in the process of purchasing or renting your instrument.

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Beginner Band Information

  • 6th grade is THE year for beginning band. It is VERY difficult to start band in 7th or 8th grade.
  • 6th grade band meets daily during the regular school day.
  • 6th grade band is a year-long commitment.
  • ‚Äč6th grade band students will still have a separate PE class during the school year.
  • 6th grade band students are able to participate in other school activities. Mr. Davis does NOT endorse a sports vs. band philosophy. We are ALL on the SAME TEAM.
  • 6th grade band students do NOT regularly practice after-school but WILL have 2 to 3 required after-school or evening concerts/events to demonstrate learning. The main ones will be our Christmas Concert (December), Solo & Ensemble (April), and our Spring Concert (May).
  • 6th grade band students do NOT need to know how to play an instrument to join the band (most beginners have absolutely NO knowledge of how to read music or play an instrument).
  • Learning to play an instrument and belonging to the school band opens up a world of opportunity to band students. Through band, members will learn music, self-discipline, cooperation, problem solving, goal setting, self-expression, memory skills, concentration, poise, and self-esteem. Band members learn to excel in most everything!
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Instruments You Can Play in 6th Grade Band.

Click on any of the instruments below to see a demonstration video!

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What Happens after I Join Band?

Band students will need to purchase or rent their selected instrument. Information about renting/purchasing an instrument will be sent home with students when school starts! There are VERY affordable ways to acquire an instrument by rental or purchase. New instruments can be rented from $25 to $60 per month from Gadsden Music Company, but the Plainview Band may have a limited amount of school instruments available to rent for $25 semester. There are also opportunities to purchase used instruments through Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. Again, it is encouraged to contact Mr. Davis before purchasing an instrument.

A list of approved instrument brands will be provided to parents. Brands not on that list are to be avoided or need to verified with Mr. Davis before a purchase is made. Note: Cheaper, often unknown branded instruments often break easily, cannot be repaired, and make it very difficult for your student to be successful.

A class fee of $35 also must be paid when school starts. This fee is separate from any instrument rental fee and includes the band book to be used in class, a class t-shirt, and other music.

Please direct any questions to Mr. Davis by e-mail:

Parent Interview Video

BPOTB - Parent Interviews
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Questions and Answers

Q: When can a student participate in the Marching Band?

A: Students can participate (aka march) in the Plainview High School Marching Band starting in the 8th grade. However, starting in the 7th grade, students have the option be a band manager (helper). Band Managers travel with the band to all games and competitions to assist in equipment set-up.

Q: What about Colorguard, Danceline, and Majorettes?

A: Band Students can also participate in Visual Ensemble (Colorguard, Danceline, or Majorettes) during Marching Season beginning in the 8th grade (Colorguard) and 9th grade (Danceline & Majorettes). However, students must also play an instrument during Concert Season and must be scheduled for class year around. That's why I feel it is important to join band now versus later. Students who participate in Colorguard, Danceline, and Majorettes will enjoy performing on instruments if they have had the appropriate time to learn at a younger age.

Q: Can a student join after 6th grade?

A: Although not impossible, attempting to join after 6th grade puts more stress on the student as they will miss very critical and foundational instruction. In short, it's better for a student to give band a chance in the 6th grade to see if they enjoy playing an instrument.

Q: What if I can't afford an instrument?

A: Email or speak with Mr. Davis as soon as you are able. School-owned instruments are available, and sometimes former students donate instruments. Sometimes, we are able to secure donations from business to help. Please try not to let money keep a student from an opportunity. Communication will be critical in allowing me (Mr. Davis) to assist.

Q: What if my child tries band and doesn't like it?

A: 6th grade band is a year-long commitment. That commitment allows your child to experience band at its best. Although there may be tough times in a student's learning and they may not enjoy band as much (everything can't be your favorite everyday), making a decision to continue in Band or not after a year-long commitment, in my opinion, is the best way to know if band is truly right for any student.

Q; What about COVID19 and Band?

A: Schools will be instituting policies and procedures in the Fall to combat COVID19. Band class will also adhere to those guidelines as well.

Mr. Chris Davis, Band Director

I love teaching music at Plainview! This is my 3rd year teaching music at Plainview School and my 11th year teaching music in Alabama. #toomuchblue