By: Zoie Moesch

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Background information

Atlas is the son of Lapetus and Clymene (UXL Encyclopedia of World Mythology). He is the father of Pleideas, and Calypso (UXL Encyclopedia of World Mythology).

Atlas is known for carrying the heavens and the earths on his shoulders.


Atlas tried to overthrow the Olympian god (Jenkins,wyn. "Atlas lifts Greek hopes;after a year of waiting finally launched its 3rd secularization. Now, as Wyn Jenkins discovers, the thoughts of many bankers are turning to the private sector.(peal focus)."structured finance international Nov-Dec. 2001:6t general. Web.) Once the titans were defeated he was commanded to hold the sky on his shoulders for all eternity. (The Columbia electronic encyclopedia).

Facts about Atlas

  • Atlas died by turning into a stone (The Columbia electronic encyclopedia).
  • the Atlantic ocean got its name in honor of Atlas(The Columbia electronic encyclopedia).
  • symbol is strength (UXL Encyclopedia of World Mythology).

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