Giro d'Italia!

A bicycle tour around Italy.


The Giro d'Italia is a tour around the beautiful country of Italy. We'll be stopping at 10 of many wonderful cities in Italy during our tour so that we can just stop and smell the roses, enjoy some famous sights and landmarks and also to just relax.

Where are we stopping?

The 10 cities that we will be visiting on our tour are well-known cities.

  • We will be starting at Venice
  • Then to Florence
  • Next, stop at San Marino
  • Moving on to Rome
  • And then Bari
  • going on to Naples
  • Across the sea to Palermo in Sicily
  • Then take a ferry to Cagliari in Sardinia
  • Once more, across the sea to Milan
  • Finishing at Turin and finally taking a flight home