My Asian and American holiday

My family and ethnic community

My holiday ways

My family have different ways to celebrate Christmas. Part of my family and friends are Asian. I celebrate Christmas Eve the Asian way, we make a big feast for all of our friends and family. Next, all the girls put on our Asian dresses to dance, sing, and pass out food for everyone. The children go down stairs to watch a movie or play. All of the boys sit and watch sports or do nothing. Everyone party's all day and night tell everyone leaves or sleeps. But at the end of the day after the feast everyone hands out presents to open on Christmas morning.

Next, part of my family and friends are American. I celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day, we go to our grandparents house to make treats and a feast together. Then, we all play, watch T.V ,and put presents under the tree. Finally, we go down stairs to open presents at the end of the day. We open youngest to oldest. The day is done and everyone is tiered so everyone packs up to go home and sleep but we sneak some treats to go. And that is how I celebrate my Christmas.

Why it's important

My community

My community is important to me because my family and religion is important to me. My whole is all about family and religion first. That is why my community is important to me. People might want to be in my community because we are open to everyone how wants to join. My community is different than school community no bullies and I feel closer my community.
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