P2 application&selection process

Army&Police By Megan Pallett

police application &selection process:


  • complete the form and make sure the writing is neat so its easy to read
  • complete the WHOLE form in BLACK INK
  • the information that doesn't apply to you, you should mark it with N/A this would mean they would understand its nothing for you to fill in
  • always make sure the form is kept safe and clean, as it doesn't look smart and very unpresentable
  • make a photocopy the application form, this would be useful for when you to make draft entries again
  • make a draft on a piece of paper, this is to go over your spelling and grammar, this would pick out any errors you've made and gives you the chance to make them last minute alterations to your answers to fill out the form

  • Dont's

    • leave any of the sections blank, this would look if your not interested as your not putting the information down that the police are asking for
    • use inappropriate comments or words, as you don't look dedicated using slang words when working with the police force
    • leave handing the application for in the last minute if you've been required to hand it in by a certain date, as it shows your bad at time keeping and not being dedicated to arrive on duties or work in on time
    • Don't ignore instructions

    letters of application:

    Letter for application of being a police officer is a letter to show your effect and your personal self. The information to be included in this letter would be to look closely at the specific job your wanting to join in the police and to compare the skills that are required. The skills that will be required are the ones that are needed and you need to provide the honest truth when doing this letter, as it shows your dedicated as you have been committed to achieve the skills that required. You will be required to list and write about your particular capabilities, this would make you the best police officer around and to choose you out of the other applicants that have been received throughout the selection. Having over rated capabilities will show your wanting to join the force and be able to go out there and help the local community. Showing your particular capabilities gives you the chance to show you can change something and have the power to commit towards the task you've been set and to focus on. It will provide evidence on why you would be the best police officer. Make sure you display your skills by drawing attention to them, giving them your opinions and actions towards others and getting involved with them, showing your capabilable of giving them yourself.

    different types of application forms:

    Pending on the specific area of working with the police, you'll request for the application pack for that area and make sure they are recruiting for that specific job role. After filling this pack out with your personal information, you'll be informed within 2 weeks then you'll be requested to go do tests to see if your able to become what you requested to do.

    doing the application form online you will be told to email a following address, then you'll have to send your application form through email.

    You can apply online by filling out the forms and you will have to do some tests online such as taking a 999 call to see how fast you can respond to the information you've been told. After the application form you will have to follow these steps:

    • You'll have the fitness tests
    • Have to go the assessment center which you'll be assessed on:
    • Your communication skills and being effective
    • To be able to focus in the customer and community
    • Have your own responsibility
    • Problem solving to get the situation solved
    • Team work and being able to be part of a team work activity
    • Respect for everyone around you at all times
    • If you complete the above you'll be able to have the interview
    • Have check-up upon any medication conditions,eye site checks and your CRB which relates back to any convictions and crimes you've done
    • Hand in all your references,the information provides if you will be able to focus on the job
    • You'll will receive a appointment which takes place at DeMontfort University and leads you to 26 Weeks of placement within the force

    Curriculum vitae's (CV):

    Writing your CV specific to the police force is your chance to sell them your skills,experience and knowledge. It will include why your the one person to get the job and your personal information, personal statement and your other job history. Its not requiring your life story, the main aim of doing the CV is to get the interview that you want to get your further into the police force area, then leading you to the right area you want to focus on. You will have to put some of knowledge in this as your putting your specific job role down and you need to refer to any situations you've been through which has helped out someone or an area, for an example 'Neighbor Hood Watch', as your keeping your eye on the changes of the area you live in and reporting any incidents happening around you, and making sure they wont occur again by reporting it to the police. Always keep to the point on why your applying to the police, bring up the achievements and successes you've achieved in the past and the future you'll like to achieve, but also make sure everything your putting down is always positive as it make you stand out as you have a good positive attitude towards your aim. Try and aim to stick to the limit of 2 pages as any more pages will look intense and boring to keep reading on just to find the information they're wanting to read.

    Army application&selection process:

    different types of application forms:

    For the Army job roles,you will have apply online for the application as its an online form to fill out. The application form being online just makes everything a little bit faster and helps the Army to complete the actual application form. If you cannot complete the application online then you are able to complete the form with a career adviser. When finished the form you'll receive a phone call to book an interview and appointment to attend,the interview is part of the application as it shows your confident to go further with your role and to find any more information that is required.


    When applying for the Army you will need to have confidence and be able to get along with others around you. The application form being online requires to fill all the boxes and information that's required and make sure you try and fill up all the space that's been given to you. The first interview is the formal interview where you will be asked a frequent of questions and why you would like to join the army, you need to be honest with all your information you say and the information you've put down on the application form. You need to be clear and show your enthusiasm, so it will be best to research some parts of the army you've applied for.

    physical tests:

    There are 3 main physical tests to be carried out to test your physical fitness and exercise levels. these tests are the following:

    • beep test: male- level 10.2 female-level 8.1
    • sit-ups: male- 50 in two minutes female- 50 in two minutes
    • press-ups: male- 44 in two minutes female-21 in two minutes
    Your fitness is tested throughout the twp-day selection process. As the strength and stamina tests, as well as the 1.5 mile run, the tests changes for the choice of job role your wanting to follow. These tests are the same for female and male, so if your currently weak in a specific area you can work on your strong area to build yourself up more to make up to the overall score at the end of the tests.


    • static lift- you will be able to lift up a power bag by the handles and place it on the surface of 1.45 metres tall. These vary between 15kg and 40kg in weight. Once again, the weight depend on the job youve applied for
    • jerry can test: you have to carry two 20kg of water containers over the course that has been set between 60 and 150 metres. This requires to finish in two minutes or less and once again the weight of the containers depends on the job youve choosen
    • 1.5 mile run is the fixed distance test to run and the fastest time is around 9 minutes and for the entry of the solider it will be to complete the run in 14minutes and 30 seconds

    P3 skills and qualities for the police


    Communication: being able to communicate with others around me and getting along with them is a very good skill for the police as you have to be able to listen and speak your opinions to members of staff and victims. I would have to listen to victims stories to calm emotions and to gain the right answers that's needed if there is witnesses that have the seen the scene around them

    Teamwork: Being able to work as a team. Working part of a team is effective as your working together to achieve the aim of passing criteria quickly. You will need to be able to communicate with others around you to be able to work in a team.

    problem solving: As an individual you will need to be able to do problem solving as you will need to give your personal idea's towards a situation and being able to achieve the aim, and working around it including mistakes that you go back and learn from.