France and Siria

The new war

France declares a war against Siria

After the terrorist attackts that created a slaughter in Paris, with more than one hundred dead people. The president of France, François Hollande, decide to bomb Siria with the help of United States of America and some countries of Europe, for example Spain. They have killed a lot of people.

The French Constitution

François Hollande wants to change The Constitucion

Social networks with France

In those days, many people have put they support to France in pages like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram...
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This is the logo of #prayforparis and it represents The Eiffel Tower inside the peace simbol.


Many musulman people have been criticated for their religion. People are telling that they are killers and bad persons.

Now, they are promoting this video with the hastag : #notmyname for say that they are against ISIS.

Not in my Name - Muslims against ISIS

Are we starting the Third Wold War?

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