E☧ansion: A study through Acts

Cross Collective


You've had an encounter with Jesus Christ... and you can barely put words to this liberating experience of the Good News!

By grace and through faith, you call Him Lord and Savior. You've entered into a real relationship with God through the person and work of Jesus Christ. You seek to know Him like you do (albeit to a lesser degree) your parents, your spouse, your children, and/or your friends. You've understood the importance of faith in Him alone and your continued growth in maturity within the context of the church.

But now what? Do you carry on with life per usual, but this time you have God in your corner? Do you continue your previous pursuits in life prior to conversion and just stamp His approval on everything you do or decide to do?

What happens to your life and your purpose? Does God shape your existence in such a way that your agenda and goals are superseded by His agenda and His goals? But what are His goals anyway? Who or what does He care about? What's His agenda?

His coming to this world in the form of Jesus Christ, His perfect works of righteousness (which none of us no matter how discipline we are or claim to be can even come close to), His suffering on the Cross for the sake of His enemies, His sheer power over death in the resurrection, and His ascension to the right hand (symbolizing His sovereignty over all things and authority to judge all things) can be summarized in different ways.

One way to summarize it is to talk about MISSION.

The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20

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3 ways God calls us to take part in His Mission

We serve a missionary God who came in the form of Jesus Christ, to bring healing and renewal to ALL OF CREATION. God brings renewal through a missionary people (and we are a conduit, a medium, a collective of agents that exist for that purpose). Here are 3 ways we can engage in God's MISSION:

  1. Through evangelism and disciple making (intimately growing in faith with other followers)
  2. Through our work and in our interests (making and mastering culture)
  3. Through seeking justice for the marginalized (the poor, orphaned, widow, etc)

*As followers of Christ we are to engage in all 3. This is NOT a list for picking and choosing.

What is Church

Home Church Gathering: Mira Mesa

Monday, Feb. 15th, 7-9pm

10653 Caminito Chueco

San Diego, CA

Studying Acts 8:9-25

Please park on the right side along Caminito Chueco. The apartment is in the second driveway on the left.

Home Church Gathering: College Area

Friday, Feb. 19th, 6-8pm

6025 Estelle Street

San Diego, CA

Studying Acts 8:9-25

Apartment #5 is up the staircase on the second level.

The e☧ansion of the Church by the spread of the Gospel:

I mentioned in our last gathering that Acts is a historical book. In fact, it is a record of our spiritual ancestry! In Acts we see that the Gospel message has a lineage that started with Peter's sermon at Pentecost and showed up in Stephen's defense before the Sanhedrin. This souls-knit-to-souls message is now carried by us, the Cross Collective, here and now in the present day!
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