Species of the Future

By: Triston Wright


The ancestor of the Gooseberry is the Kiwi

100 Million Years Later

The Gooseberry


deep forests, woods, river lands and in bushy plains of New Zealand.


Unlike the Kiwi the Gooseberry have long wings that can be used for flight. The Gooseberry is able to fly up into the trees where it can hide from predators, and build a nest where it is safe.
The Gooseberry is also larger in size compared to the Kiwi. The average fully grown female kiwi is up to 45cm. The grown female gooseberry gets to as big as 55 cm tall.

Embryo comparison

During the development of the kiwi the wings and the legs start to develop, but later in the development the wings stop growing while the legs keep going. When the Gooseberry develops both the wings and the legs keep developing.


The kiwi is endangered because more of the population is being killed than it is reproducing. The Kiwi only lays one Giant egg every year. The Gooseberry lays 5 to 6 medium sized egg, which will make the population secure.