Tech Tidbits

Zionsville Community Schools

Office 365 for Staff and Students

The Zionsville Technology Team has been hard at work setting up accounts for all staff and students in Office 365. Login with your normal credentials. Students will login with their student e-mail address. Their password is their lunch ID. Below are some quick overviews of some of the applications available to staff and students in Office 365. The best part of all is IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Contact Kyle or Carly if you would like to learn more about how you can use these apps in your classroom with staff and students.

Microsoft Office 2016- For FREE!

One of the great benefits of moving our e-mail to Office 365 is the opportunity for each of our students and staff to download the Office 2016 Suite for FREE! This allows you to download the software (normally $129) for free on a Windows or Mac computer. To download Office 2016 onto your personally-owned device, go to and log in with your ZCS credentials. Once you log in, the download Office 2016 button will be in the upper-right corner. DO NOT download this software onto your school computer. Office is already installed and this will cause your computer to malfunction because it will not know which version to use.

OneNote Classroom Notebook

OneNote Classroom Notebook is a digital notebook that will aide your students in keeping their notes and class content organized. Think of it as a virtual Trapper Keeper (minus the velcro clasp). You can create a class notebook that contains a collaboration space for all of your students, and a library where you can share content your students can copy into their own personal notebook. You also have access to view and comment on each of your students' notebooks. You no longer need to collect each notebook to assess and give authentic feedback. Students can pull content from Canvas, websites, pdf files, and many other resources to place in their notebook. Contact Kyle or Carly if would would like help setting up your OneNote Classroom notebook.

OneDrive- Cloud Storage

OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage where you have unlimited storage through Office 365. You can upload or create files that can be accessed anywhere you have internet access. You also have the ability to collaborate or share your documents with others. This app is accessible to both you and your students. You no longer need to worry about which device has the most up-to-date version of a file. Using OneDrive, you have access to the most recent version anywhere!

Sway- A New Way to Present

What is Sway - Microsoft Sway Tutorials
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