Inflatable Bathtubs!

Relax in minutes

Why choose this product?

Have you ever felt dirty while at work in the city? Have you ever just wanted to take a nice warm bath while camping? Well here's your chance! With inflatable bathtub you can relax anytime you want to. Our spokesperson for this product is Kim Kardashian. She says when she has had a stress full day of filming her show that has no value in any category whatsoever, she uses the inflatable bathtub wherever she is. If she spent a long day at the beach she uses it right there at the beach. With inflatable tubs bath time is any time.

Go from looking like this......................

To THIS!!!!!!!!!!


We asked random people on the streets of New York City how felt about this product idea and 87% of the common people are/would be interested in buying this product.

Contestant #1 said "I think this is a great idea and would be very helpful for me because I enjoy going camping with my family but my wife and kids always complain about how dirty they feel, so if I purchased this product I might not get that same response.

Contestant #2 asked "Where and when can I buy one?" "This is such a brilliant idea and I know I would use this product when I go on vacation because I hate germs so I would not have to use the disgusting hotel tubs." Contestant #2 also stated "this is going to be the next great thing and everyone is going to be using them!"

Overall most of the common people were excited and very intrigued by this product.

How easy travel can be

Our inflatable tubs are so ridiculously easy for storage, you'll wonder why you didn't purchase one years ago. It easily folds up to fit in your suitcase for those long plane rides. Inflatable tubs come in three different sizes, Small, Average, and HUGE. All three sizes being compatible for long trips. Our inflatable tubs can be folded into a 1x1 ft. square! Easily fitting into your suitcase or if big enough you purse/murse.

Even Oprah's doing it

Oprah Winfrey one of the most well respected women in America even contacted us regarding our product, she says " this inflatable tub is the greatest invention after electricity!!" Oprah says when she tours the world this summer she will definitely be packing her custom made neon pink inflatable tub! (Did we mention we make different colored tubs?) Thanks Oprah for trying out our product and for such positive results.

Product invented by: Emma Kramer