The Blunt Truth!!

Legalize or get roached!!

They Have Tried This Before!!!

Remember back to the 1920's when the government made a move to ban the use of alcohol, do we not remember how well that worked? The same thing is happening with marijuana, people are still gaining access to it and crime is soaring through the roof. Criminals taking advantage of the "illegal" substance to gain influence, and often causes violence.

"They will never accomplish anything."

Some pretty talented and successful people in the United States have openly stated they have smoked pot. Two prime examples are Barrack Obama who has officially held the presidential office for two terms and Michael Phelps who has officially won 22 olympic medals.

Good for you!!

People should be glad to know that marijuana has many medical uses such as helping with glaucoma, chemo patients, nausea, and nerve pain. Honestly it's only fair that this becomes legal so it can help people with these problems.