Gordon parks

By keeberly otero, Period 1

About Gordon Parks

Gordon Parks was born in Fort Scott November 30, 1912
He's the youngest of 15 children, he want to a high school were blacks were not allowed to play sports or attend social functions. He often recalled, later in life, that one of his teachers told not to go to college, since they were destined to become maids and porters.

Gordon Parks didn't finish high school

He is best remembered for his iconic photos of poor Americans during 1940s (taken for a federal government project) , for his photographic essay for life magazine

He briefly worked in a brothel as a piano player, but quit after one customer stabbed another in front of him.

How he became a photographer

By 1937, Parks was working as a waiter on a train. One of the passengers left behind. Photographers working for the government's Farm Security Administration had taken these photos to illustrate the effects of the Great Depression. He saw that the camera could be a weapon against poverty, against racism, against all sorts of social wrongs. Parks quickly bought one at a pawnshop and spent three years teaching himself photography

If you want to read more go to: http://www.notablebiographies.com/newsmakers2/2007-Li-Pr/Parks-Gordon.html#ixzz405DNealY

Some of Gordon Parks photography


Positive quotes

  1. " I won't let critics seal my fate- they're all shouting "I'm full of hate"!.. But that they don't really hurt me none 'cause I'm doing good and having fun! They keep writing I'm deceitful... But I'm really helping lots of people. So... Now... From Mohammed you've just heard the latest and the truest word. --A poem made up made for Gordon Parks by his friend Ali
  2. " The photographer begins to feel big and bloated and so big he can't walk though one of these doors because he gets a good byline; he gets noticed all over the world and so fourth; but they're really -the important people are the people He photographs -Gordon parks