S.E. Hinton

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About the Author

Susan Eloise Hinton, or S.E. Hinton, as most know her as, is and was a very famous author. Whether she's writing about horses or another one of your favorite gangs, she always makes it interesting. Hinton was born on July 22, 1950, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She grew up riding horses, playing football with her closest "guy friends", and enjoyed reading books. In 1967, her first book, The Outsiders, was published by Viking Press. It is said to be her most famous book. Hinton also when her first novel was released, she was only 16 and a junior in high school. In 1970, Hinton got married to David Inhofe. In 1971, That Was Then, This Is Now was released. Not being as popular as her last, but it was still a great hit. Then in 1975, she was back with another great book, Rumble Fish. Hinton also has a son named Nick Inhofe. After Rumble Fish, she wrote Tex which was released in 1979. Then in '84, she wrote Rusty James. In 1988, she was back with Taming the Star Runner, then The Puppy Sister in 1995, also in 1995, was Big David, Little David. Followed by Hawkes Harbor in 2004, Some of Tim's Stories in 2007, she wrote The Boy in the Burning House with Morris Gleitzman again in 2007. Hinton won several awards also. A few include the Margaret Edwards Award and the Anne V. Zarrow Award for Young Readers' Literature. Some of her books were so popular, that they were made into movies. Such as The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, Tex, and That Was Then, This Is Now. Now Hinton is living happily in Oklahoma, at age 66 with her husband.

S.E. Hinton's List of Works

For this project I read:

The Outsiders

Rumble Fish

Taming the Star Runner


After reading the books I watched:

The Outsiders


If you're thinking of reading one of S.E. Hinton's books, I would start with The Outsiders and avoid Taming the Star Runner.

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Common Themes in Hinton's Work

The theme that I saw most in Hinton's books was physical description. In The Outsiders, she described everyone that was told about. Whether if it was the color of their hair, or how they act. I also noticed this in Taming the Star Runner, where she clearly introduced all of the women, most of the men, and even the horses. When these books were set, what you looked liked did matter. It gives a much better understanding so you can picture what the characters look like. Hinton also writes about gangs in all of her books, with exception of Taming the Star Runner, even though he hangs out with certain friends almost all the time and don't change friends.
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S.E. Hinton's Writing Style

Hinton's writing style is very unique. She always has one certain theme per book, but each book theme can connect to another. Hinton writes about horses in her books often. Books that I read having horses in the books are The Outsiders, Taming the Star Runner, and Tex. Here are some examples of other styles or unique to her books:

  • Physical Description, all of her books are very descriptive
  • All book are written in first person, besides Taming the Star Runner (she was tired of trying to "be" the character she was writing about
  • Gangs, Hinton always was writing about gangs

On a random page of a S.E. Hinton book:

  • Sentences vary in length from about 3 to 36 words per sentence
  • The Average sentence length is 10 words
  • 68% of sentences are compound; 32% are simple; 3% are complex
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Fun Facts about Hinton

There are a lot of things you might not know about your favorite author. Here are just some of the facts I found out about Hinton.

  • S.E. are Hinton's initials. But instead of using her real name on all of her books, she was just S.E. Hinton, because her editor though it would be a bad idea if using her real name, for she thought no one would read her book if they knew she was a girl
  • In the movie, Th Outsiders, Hinton played Dally's nurse
  • Hinton was about 15 to 16 when she wrote The Outsiders
  • Hinton was going through a writer's block while writing That Was Then, This Is Now, so before leaving the house her husband made her write two pages
  • Hinton went to college to teach in the future, but that obviously did not happen

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