Tasmania Australia

A breathtaking veiw

Beautiful place = Tasmania Australia

Tasmania is a temperate maritime climate. The best time for hiking would be in the winter because in the winter there are crisp clean air and low rainfall. Tasmania is a the 26th largest island in the world.

An amazing landmark!

One of the best landmarks is, The Nut, Stanley. you can climb the remains of a giant volcano plug. To get to this beautiful landmark, you can take a chairlift. It is the best spot in the North-west coast.

Delicious food!

In Tasmania, there is good soil, which means that there are good crops. Tasmania is also a island so there are a lot of different types of fish. Click here to learn a lot more about Tasmania's food.

Location of Tasmania

Tasmania is a island state located in the south of Australia. It is exactly 240 kilometers south of Australia. This breathtaking island is 68,401 kilometers long.

What a beautiful sight!!!